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Our Program

Since this site is by and for anglers, we know our audience… affluent, passionate, loyal. Which means that people you want to reach will see your ad. And we’ll place your ad in an area on our site that makes the most sense - that’s properly targeted. This way, users are seeing your ad when you want them to—when they are focused. Our advertising program is very straightforward: we offer 3 ad sizes that display in 30-day cycles.

Size and specification information is detailed in the right column.

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Block Name Pricing Cycle Per Day Format
Small$25.00 (USD)30$0.831,2
Standard$40.00 (USD)30$1.333,4,6
Large$75.00 (USD)30$2.505,7
Small$65.00 (USD)90$0.721,2
Standard$110.00 (USD)90$1.223,4,6
Large$210.00 (USD)90$2.325,7

Ad Formats

We offer advertisement space for seven standard ad sizes.

  1. Small Rectangle (120x90)
  2. Small Wide Rectanlge (160x90)
  3. Vertical Banner (120x240)
  4. Square (250x250)
  5. Medium Rectangle (300x250)
  6. Skyscraper (120x600)
  7. Wide Skyscraper (160x600)