Angler Social App - Available on iTunes

Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Record/Photograph each and every catch now with our new application for the beautiful iPhone and iPod Touch †.

The built-in Camera for the iPhone uses GPS technology allowing you to share your monster catches with everyone or keep them to yourself. Not only can you share or hide the photo of your fish, but you can also share or hide your location of the catch (assuming the picture was taken where you caught the fish). Having said that, you can browse thousands of catches from users just like you, worldwide. Heading to an unfamiliar lake? Not too sure what is biting? Whip open AnglerSocial and find out what fish are being caught, where and when.

If you're a tournament fisherman or simply fish for fun, you will love this application. It's your first stop after you catch that monster bass. Stay in touch with other anglers, and share your big fish with the world.

† Camera function unavailable for iPod Touch

Get it today for $2.99 from iTunes